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iTunes or Google Play?

In the past year, I have become hooked on 2 new TV Shows.  Netflix had the past seasons that I needed to get caught up, but they didnt offer the most recent seasons. So, I started evaluating my options of how to get caught up and 2 services stuck out.  By them on iTunes, or Google Play.

I reviewed my options and it seems both receive new episodes at about the same time, both are about the same price.  But one had a nice advantage.

Google Play has a great feature, but unfortunately one damming feature as well. 

Google Play will allow you to download your media for offline viewing on your computer or Android device OR you can stream it!  This is a great way to reduce the total amount of data you need to download and store.  Unfortunately. Google Play wont work with iPhone or iPad ( the 2 devices that Dont have SD Card Slots ). 

The reason it doesn't work with iPhone and iPad is also it's biggest short coming.   It streams media via Flash.

iTunes provided excellent quality that would work on my windows and mac devices. 

If you have mostly Apple devices, iTunes is the clear winner.  Otherwise, if you are an android user, Google Play is clearly the winner.  Google Play has more flexibility, but only if you are already an Android user.