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Hero3 really 240FPS?

I always had an interest in video editing.  I enjoy putting the pieces of video and audio together to make a complete production.  To make a great video, you need more than one camera angle, therefore, you need multiple cameras.  

I kept putting of buying cameras because the technology kept improving but still had some flaws.  I was waiting till my concerns were address.  

So many of the small HD cameras have no way to see what the camera sees until the recording is all over.  It was frustrating.  The GoPro Hero3 allows you to use your iPhone as a remote and view finder for the Hero3, so you can put the camera in places that are not easy to get to and still have complete control of it.

The Hero3 Black edition had a few features I just couldn't pass up, including 240 FPS capture at 840x480.  But could it really do it, or was this just a theoretical possibility?

I was trying to find the best way to test the framerate and my mind kept going back to the myth busters.  What can I shoot that I know the speed it travels at to test?  I mentioned the idea to my dad and he said "record a stopwatch".. Of Course!  What a simple and obvious solution.  So, I recoreded my iPad's stopwatch app for 6 seconds.

I then imported it to the GoPro app and counted frame by frame from the time the stopwatch read 1.0 (With NO ghosting of the 0.9 remaining) till 1.1 (With no ghosting of the 1.0 remaining).

The result:  24 frames per .1 of a second.  That's 240 FPS!  Amazing...

Here's the test video.  It's 8 seconds long (@ 30 FPS) to get from 1.0 to 2.0 (1 second).  8 seconds @ 30 FPS equates to 240 FPS if the video were running in real time.